Leadership explained by Dr Charles Sinkala

Dr Charles Sinkala

Firstly we must define leadership: Leadership in more direct terms is a person or group thereof who 10% guides and 90% leads the people on what they want or need. This does not mean you need to be at a position of influence or the President of a country or organization. Every individual in our daily lives we do perform this task directly or indirectly as fulfillment of the 8 dynamics of life. An example would be what we all on this group are doing, contributing to build a better world. Now, there is something very important we need to understand, leadership is like a relationship which has two ends, a leader on one side and people or an individual on one side, both sides are expected to perform an obligation, a more direct example will be watching two people on either side of a seesaw – am sure we have noticed or experienced when there is no performance or when the other person decides to leave without notice and stand up, the whole weight goes on side. In my view, we will fail to have good leadership if we don’t have good people and we will equally fail too if we have good people and bad leadership, in fact, it’s a proven fact that, leaders are elected by people from among the people, the real question is, what role are we individually playing to build a better place.

Secondly, as people, we need to know what we want, if we want to build a house, what do we need, bricks, mortar, ladder, land, windows, water, money etc and how do we get these resources? If we get all let’s build the house. Africa has been under construction for too long, do we know what we are building, is everyone aware what we want to achieve, perhaps others don’t know, that’s why we find Presidents in Africa or elsewhere, but I speak of Africa, when ones leaves office, he breaks the foundation or work he did during his term, the new president will have to start again, that’s why we have unfinished business. But to the large extent, it’s not law that we must build nations, so this can not be challenged in court because all policies are on the lips of those in position and they change each time the lips are changed.

Lastly, we must stop this animal called sense of entitlement, where one believes his children will be locked after by the United Nations or other people, let us take responsibility of our survival independently and that those whom we feel they are or should be helping us are the ones who have put us in misery. Off course, there will be poor people, but not all will be poor. Let us welcome China and others, BUT we must stop them from invading our resources.

Finally, I get this all the time, corruption, poverty, unemployment, war, misery are not the problems but effects of of our real problems, it’s like drawing water in a basket full of holes, and when water is leaking, we say that’s the problem, and it’s not, the problem is using a basket to draw water instead of using a container. Therefore, corruption is there because we have a problem of a water tight system and a lack of law that keeps human behavior upright. I was just discussing with a well known Bishop few days ago, 90 % of our problems which is lifestyle related are caused by our inability to avoid, prevent and solve them. These numbers are shocking but it’s the fact. We all know that, one of the ways to invite trouble is telling the truth, because liars will team up and find a fault in you, but we must not avoid good trouble but avoid bad trouble.

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