Capture and corruption: US to provide training and expert advice to NPA, SARS and others

Capture and corruption: US to provide training and expert advice to NPA, SARS and others

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Attention All Civil Servants

Exclusive online workshop: Productivity crash course for public servants

Free Online Workshop | 9 October at 3-4pm BST (London)

We’re invited to an exclusive online workshop for public servants on how to be more productive at work with bestselling author Nir Eyal. Lessons will include:

  • Concrete techniques to eliminate distractions

  • How to manage your use of technology for maximum productivity

  • Game-changing habits you can build to keep you focused

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You are the motivation of confidence.

Thousands of people buy motivation tapes because they want the tapes to motivate THEM.

They want the speaker on the tape to fire them up and get them going. They believe the tape gives them energy.

Other people want to swallow a pill and then be energized.

But what is the true source of one’s motivation?

“Motivation is in the future. It’s ‘What do I want?’ ‘What do we want?’ That’s cause. And if it’s interesting, it sort of pulls us forward to it.”—L. Ron Hubbard

The truth is, you can be the source of your own motivation!

What is in the future for your activities? What do you want in your future?

If you’re not sure—you won’t be motivated.

Of course, you need to have hope that you will make it, as well as confidence that you can make it happen. But the first step is to decide what you want.

Bad habits are bad!

Are you struggling with bad habits that are harmful to your well-being, your relationships or even your health?

Whether it’s watching too much TV, overspending your way into debt, breaking your diet, or even alcohol and substance abuse…

…the fact is, if you can’t get your bad habits under control—it can lead to problems: health problems, distraction, procrastination, financial problems, family strife, things backlogging and overwhelming you later, and much more.