Digital Cash will make you loose control as you can be frozen.

NO CASH – NO CUSTOM “When the banks start making little changes which make handling cash a hassle, it will lead to businesses refusing cash. 🤔Pay attention.A lot of people don’t see what’s coming…how the government is pushing towards a cashless society. Especially with the ramp up of Covid-19. This should be worrying a lotContinue reading “Digital Cash will make you loose control as you can be frozen.”

San Francisco Breeding Program

Government now BREEDING Blacks: San Francisco will pay pregnant women $1000 per month, but only if they have dark skin FROM NATURAL NEWS (dot) com (BANNED ON FB) San Francisco Mayor London Breed is launching a new social program called Abundant Birth Project. The program will start by redistributing $2.25 million to pregnant women livingContinue reading “San Francisco Breeding Program”