Death Penalty For Murder and Rape

A lot of people are tired of murders and rape cases especially related to GBV and has called for a death penalty, is death penalty not murder? It is easy to recommend, but when will leaders stop misleading people on thinking the effects are a problem. Find out why people are murdered and raped and solve the problem from that point. No one is scared of dying anymore because there is no pain in death than the pain of living with misery, unemployment, unhappy relationship, poverty, a pure lack of survival is as good as death.
My recommendations

  1. As much as society worries about un employed graduates, worry about those who failed matric, what they are doing to survive, how can they be taught skills that will earn them an Income without a requirement of a matric certificate, degree or experience, like panel beating, spray painter, sales, entrepreneural skills etc without compromising the value of education. People are born already with education it is the knowledge of life skills they seek, knowledge to put food on the table for their families without committing a crime.
  2. Understand the fact that punishment in 21st century for Rape and Murder whether or not death penalty or undesirable incanceration or criminal record does not matter anymore, the later being the fuel for RECIVIDISM. It is also a common fact that, black listing a debtor by default judgment for none payment of a debt opens another wound of misery and undesirable suffering as in its effect exacerbates to poverty which leads to murder, unhappy relationships or even rape.

The problem is not murder or rape, but the real problem is overpopulation which shuts doors of equal opportunities to survive. In one hour, if equal opportunities are increased, there, will be no murders, rape, poverty, unemployment, no GBV, Although a few stats will be recorded here and there but will be limited to less than 1.3 % of the population. The choice is do we settle for this or do we keep murder and rape rates at 64%.

Dr Charles Sinkala photo by Michael Moore

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I will go to the World, and when I come back, I will Liberate my people.

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