Racism and ill narrative. Like and share to make a better world. #DrSinkalaism

This is a very sensitive debate, I will try to be as clear as I will be neutral.

“There is no killings of white farmers in South Africa” a controversial statement by South African President Cyril Ramaphosa.

It is my submission that, it depends which side one wants to play in the interpretation of this statement whether or not on the side of victims or villain. But for myself, I have always looked at such statements in a more positive manner than otherwise. An approach that will achieve, empathy, humanity, compassion, respect to all forms of life (#AllLivesMatter) and significantly a correction and justice.

“No killings of South African farmers” simply means: THERE IS NO WAR AGAINST WHITE FARMERS WHICH JUSTIFIES MURDER. BUT, this does not suggest there is no killings of human beings, but listening to whole speech, one will understand that : THERE IS CRIMINAL Activities where mostly white farmers are mostly killed, and this is a FACT.

I really don’t think any Head of State can publicly deny the fact, but rationally he denied the narrative by media and others that a war to eliminate white farmers is on the loose.

When I apply this rational test to GF in US, I don’t think in my mind Caucasians are on a mission to kill Negroids basing on isolated incidents gone bad and out of control.

My reasoning might just help us all and save the world from hurting each other with the narrative that the other race don’t like us. What is critical is to formulate tactical training and knowledge on how to deal with sensitive issues such as a difference in our diversity views, this might be race, religion, sex or other personal beliefs which are protected by the universal declaration of human rights.

In conclusion, many will share my views that, both President Cyril Ramaphosa and the Enforcement officers in the incident of GF have similar characteristics, that all did not mean to kill or support the narrative and they are good people, for the later, they will have time in jail for long time, but locking at them is not justice for them but for the victim. All those police officers are family men who respects life, they did not go to work at that particular day with the intention to kill black people, GF in particular, but because of lack of proper training by the system on how to handle certain situations led them to become murderers, to me as much as they are responsible for their actions and must be punished, this is Selective Justice and the problem is or will still remain free. As much as there are ill people in this world, most people are good people, is it not that there are Angels in Haven besides the devil, so, it is in Haven as it is on Earth.

AllLivesMatter (Human, Plants and Animals)

Published by Dr Charles Sinkala

I will go to the World, and when I come back, I will Liberate my people.

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