Trust in the Lord

I am the God of battles. That is who I am, and that is what I do. It is not possible that you would go through life without the protection of My hand. Have no fear. Refuse to allow the enemy to dampen your faith or your boldness. There is no assault of hell or onslaught of the enemy that can prevail against you. I have surrounded you with My person and vouchsafed you in My everlasting arms.

Though I am ancient of days, says the Father, My eye is not dim nor My arm weakened that I cannot save you this day. Put your confidence in Me. Ask Me! Ask Me that thing you desire and see if I will not melt the heavens and come down in response to your cry. I delight in harboring My children safe from harm. I delight in blessing those to whom you petition Me, says the Father. So, call their names – the names of your children, your loved ones, and even those around you in the community and see if I will not demonstrate My pleasure to save, heal, and deliver.

Published by Dr Charles Sinkala

I will go to the World, and when I come back, I will Liberate my people.

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