How to remove Snakes from buildings

Do you have snakes harassing you in your house, office or farm?or has a snake strayed into your building and you not sure exactly were its hiding…..and hence you are scared ??

To flush out the snake, just light a whole paper soaked in honey and place it in the middle of the room or at the Centre of your Office. Open the door, and wherever the snake is hiding , it will rush out urgently and you’ll end up with it outside.

The smell of burnt honey is a strong repulsive nightmare for all dangerous reptiles.

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Published by Dr Charles Sinkala

I will go to the World, and when I come back, I will Liberate my people.

4 thoughts on “Tip

  1. Mr Charles Sinkala, you post a bold claim about how to remove snakes from a building, with no proof of research provided. Yet, when someone with actual knowledge about snakes reacts, you demand such proof. Well, let me help out here: the Alexander laboratories of the Witwatersrand University in South Africa has conducted extensive reasearch into snake repellents. Their conslusions were: there is no such thing as an effective snake repellent. This research has NEVER been refuted or even challenged by any other research institute and it is supported by all the snake experts. Most, if not all of the snake-experts in southern Africa are members of the zambian snakes and other crawlies group on facebook, which I run, together with Norman Barret. They all support the same fact that nothing repells snakes. I assume this is enough information for you to remove your misinformed post?


    1. Thanks Marcel for the share of knowledge and participation in this debate. I believe now, we can safely say, the snake repellents should be an environment that does not support snake inversion as we respect all other animals. #MinisterOfHappiness #LoveAnimals


  2. I have a better TIP. Remove this April Fool’s joke from your page. Snakes are not affected by smells. By putting all your Degrees behind this rubbish, you are just going to endanger lives and estry what those of us are doing in the snakebite prevention field.


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