How deep is Russian love in Africa 🌍 minerals,

CENTRAL AFRICAN REPUBLIC In August 2018 an agreement was signed making provision for the Russian training of the CAR military. The special security adviser to the Chad presidency is Valery Zakharov, a Putin insider and a Russian citizen.

Wagner, too, is deployed into the area where it takes part in hard fighting as well as training CAR troops. In return, the CAR has ceded a number of mineral concessions to Russian companies.

A new, more shadowy security company — Sewa Security Services — emerged during 2019, also taking part in the hard fighting and training CAR troops.

Wagner has been linked to the murder of three Russian journalists, veteran Orkan Djemal, Alexander Rastorguev and Kirill Radchenko, who were investigating the group’s activities.

According to the Guardian, secret documents describe the CAR as “strategically important” and a “buffer zone between the Muslim north and Christian south”. It allows Moscow to expand “across the continent”, and Russian companies to strike lucrative mineral deals, the documents say.

Wagner claims credit in CAR for getting of rid of politicians who are “orientated to France”, including national assembly representatives and the foreign minister.

This appears to be Charles-Armel Doubane, sacked in December 2018. Russia has “strengthened” the army and set up newspapers and a radio station. Russia is an “83% friend”, The Guardian reports the documents as saying.

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