The success is dependent upon your ability to energetically complete your projects.

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Once you start saying “can’t” you’re on the downhill road to failure. “I can’t do the project.” “I can’t pay my bills.” “I can’t succeed.”

The real damage occurs when you stop yourself. “I can’t handle more work.” “I can’t earn more money.” “I can’t change.”

Why does this happen?


For example, when you made some effort to achieve your purpose, you felt stopped. Maybe achieving the purpose turned out to be more difficult than you expected. Maybe you saw someone else fail. Perhaps you became afraid or lazy. Maybe someone got in your road.

When this happens—it can cause you to stop looking for ways to succeed. You avoid setting any goals at all. You feel very tired.

Fortunately, you can turn things around and still reach your biggest goals!

Conquest of the Physical Universe

In the best-selling Conquest of the Physical Universe audio, L. Ron Hubbard reveals how to overcome failed purposes and sustain your energy and motivation through whatever it takes to conquer your environment and your goals!

You’ll also learn:

  • What is the only solution to maintaining your persistence and conquering life?
  • How can people in your environment covertly cause you to be less powerful and effective?
  • When you drop away from your purest purpose—what happens to you?
  • How do you increase your ability to survive through very difficult situations?

And when you get your copy right now, you will receive instant downloads of the following BONUS e-books:

Targets and Goals—Find out how to systematically attain any goal, large or small.

The Cause of Suppression—Learn how to spot and overcome the true cause of ups and downs in life.

Communication—Discover the formula for effective communication with anyone about any subject.

The Dynamics of Existence—Life is composed of 8 dynamic urges toward survival. Find out where you fit in and how to make your life better.

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