Investigating your own life business or a Country.

From day to day and week to week, a person can face many unpleasant circumstances in his life. Somehow he manages to get through these times, convinced there is not much he can do to improve his life. Perhaps a project planned for months at work doesn’t come off with the expected success, the production in the office has declined sharply during the past few months or the addition to his house takes longer than first planned. Such things happen and are common occurrences for many of us.

But these don’t need to be the usual types of experiences that happen in your life. You can live a happy existence and accomplish your goals in any area of life—individually, with your family, job or your community. The aims you imagined for yourself can be accomplished.

If such goals are not being attained or if you are in a situation that has gotten worse, there is an actual cause for this that can be discovered. Normally, this idea is one that people often do not realize—things are actually caused. They don’t just happen. There are reasons behind every unpleasant or difficult circumstance—reasons that you can do something about.

Without knowing this, Man often depends on the belief that magic or luck have the power to have an influence on his life, or looks to studying the stars to determine his future, actually thinking that the movements of planets and stars can tell him what will happen in his life. None of this is based on reason or knowledge. Many people just hope vainly (unlikely to have the desired result) that nothing else will go wrong or they mislead themselves with the belief that life is normally a struggle and ”that’s just the way life is.”

For example, a farmer with a very poor crop one year has no explanation for it that makes sense. He has no idea that he himself caused this condition.

Published by Dr Charles Sinkala

I will go to the World, and when I come back, I will Liberate my people.

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