The Anti-social Personality

Anti- means against or opposite something.

Social means having to do with the health and happiness of people. It also means friendly or getting along well with others.

Anti-social describes behavior that is generally harmful to the health and happiness of people.

Personality has to do with the qualities of a person’s behavior, as shown by his actions and his thoughts.

An Anti-Social Personality,then, is a person who is against any individual, activity or group that works to help others improve.

There are certain characteristics (good or bad qualities that someone is recognized by) that cause about 20 percent of the population to be very much against any activity or group that works to help people, make them better, happier or more able. Such people are known to have anti-social tendencies. A tendency is the way someone behaves as a result of his thinking. For example, an Anti-SocialPersonality has a tendency to always find fault in another person.

Crime and criminal acts (stealing, harming others, rape, murder, etc.) are committed by Anti-SocialPersonalities. People who are insane and in mental institutions commonly find that they ended up that way because they were in contact with such personalities.

As they make up only 20 percent of the population and as only 2½ percent of this 20 percent are truly dangerous, we see that with a very small amount of work, we could do a great deal to better the conditions in our world.

When we look for the cause of a business that is failing, we discover that, somewhere on its staff, the Anti-Social Personality is hard at work.

In families that are breaking up, we commonly find that Anti-Social Personalities are involved. Where a person’s life has become rough and he is failing, a careful review will find one or more such personalities at work.

For example, take a restaurant that is failing and going out of business. It is not making enough money, yet it seems to be attracting a lot of customers. We find that the person handling the money is an Anti-SocialPersonality. He has been stealing money and putting it in his pocket. He has also been finding fault with the staff and making them feel like they cannot do their jobs.

Or take a family that is living together happily until an uncle, who is an Anti-SocialPersonality, comes to stay with them. He spreads bad news and finds fault with each of the family members every day. The whole family becomes upset (but doesn’t realize why) and starts arguing with each other. The children decide to move out and stay by themselves.

As there are 80 percent of us trying to get along and only 20 percent trying to prevent us from doing so, our lives would be much easier if we knew the exact manifestations of such a personality. Because if we did, we could see who the Anti-Social Personality was and save ourselves from much failure and heartbreak.

It is important, then, to examine and list the characteristics of the Anti-Social Personality. Characteristics are those things you can recognize about a person, such as what he does or says and how he says them and how he behaves toward you and toward other people. Because the Anti-SocialPersonality causes so much harm in the daily lives of so many, it is necessary for decent people to become better informed on this subject and to be able to recognize an Anti-SocialPersonality by his behavior.

Published by Dr Charles Sinkala

I will go to the World, and when I come back, I will Liberate my people.

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