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What is happening in South Africa ?
Drug Related Statistics in South Africa 15% – 24% of the South African population suffer from a form of addiction. 60% – 80% of national crimes are related to substance abuse. Drug abuse is costing South Africa around 30 billion Rand each year – that’s almost 3 billion Dollars.

Not to mention how many people are on painkillers, prescription drugs, alcohol, dagga and psychiatric drugs. We estimate that the real figure is well over 50%

Popular Substances in South Africa are Alcohol, Dagga, Ecstasy, Tik, Cocaine, Nyaope, Mandrax (Marijuana) 3.5 billion Rand is spent each year by South Africans to purchase Dagga, Nyaope and Whoonga.

Almost 110,000 people use ecstasy in South Africa,(Methamphetamine) is the most popular drug of choice amongst addicts in South Africa.

42% of Cape Town drug users use Tik . Cocaine addiction treatment has increased from 1.5% in 1996 to 17.5% in 2014 and by 2020 it’s estimated well over 30%. Nyaope is a mixture of Dagga and Heroin, and currently hugely damaging amongst the youth of South Africa. South Africa is the largest user of Mandrax in the world. Whoonga is a potent and highly addictive mixture of Marijuana, Heroin and HIV medications.

The population growth of South Africa will be increasing exponentially in the next 10 to 20 years at current rates which means things still can get much worse.

Drug Addiction amongst Children and Teenagers 1 in 2 children in the average South African home are addicted to drugs or alcohol , or run the risk of becoming. By the age of 18 , more than 60% of teenagers have become an alcoholic. Half of which used school time or work time to drink rather than study. Schools kids who use alcohol and drugs are 3 times more involved with violent crimes. Studies show that the average age of drug dependency in South Africa to be 12 years of age , and dropping.

If these figures don’t scare you then nothing will. But the truth is a lot darker than the statistics we have just shown you. On the ground when we go into schools and into communities we always ask this specific question:

“How many of you know someone who is on drugs ?”

The scary thing is that in Primary school over 90% raise their hands. Many of them even know what the drug is called, how much it cost, what are the street names and they know who are selling them. These are primary school kids. That means our children are more likely to become a drug addicts than ever before. This concerns me greatly.

Then at night if you walk though your city or town you will see a lot of drug addicts, prostitution and homless people who do drugs and many of them are there because of drugs. While the stats show one thing on the ground things are much worse in South Africa.

Then if you look around the world in America, Europe, India, China drug use are all over the world. And every continents drug use is way past epidemic and pandemic stages. The world is in a grip of a deepening moral crisis and it’s destroying our people.

In some countries they are beyond help. I believe the tide against drugs can be turned around in South Africa and in Africa. If we educate the youth fast enough with the truth about drugs we can revert these statistics.

To do that we need everyone on board, our program has proven it self in South Africa and around the world. Were our Drug Free World program is used the figuers drop and were we don’t have teams the numbers increase dramatically.

Become a Drug Free World volunteer now and lets turn the tide of drug use and addiction around. If we don’t we will run the risk of not having a future.

For more information please inbox us the following information: Your Name and Surname, City or Town that you are in and why you want to get involved. See you soon

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