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Dr Xiaomei Havard congratulates South African President Cyril Ramaphosa on the appointment of the 4IR Commission.

The Future of Work Summit gala dinner hosted by Executive Mayor of Rand West Region Hon. CLLR Mzi Khumalo on 23rd

-26th April 2019 at Randfontain Golf Club in Johanneburg.

The event was scheduled to have the privilege of the presence and receive a keynote speech by the 4IR Chairperson and President of the Republic of South Africa Cyril Ramaphosa and other senior government officials, unfortunately President Cyril Ramaphosa undertook a working visit to Egypt to attend an emergency African Union (AU) Troika Summit. https://www.news24.com/Africa/News/egypts-el-sisi-elected-new-chairperson-of-african-union-20190210 The summit was convened to discuss the political and security situations in Sudan and Libya. President Abdel Fatah el-Sisi called the emergency summit in his capacity as chairman of the African Union. President Ramaphosa has prioritized regional and continental peace, stability, security and integration and development and to attend the Emergency Summit to contribute towards the African Union’s stated goal of silencing the guns by 2020. However, the keynote speech was later delivered by the SADC Business Forum Chairperson Dr Charles Sinkala. http://www.drcharlessinkala.org

SADC Chairperson and PCIP President Dr Charles Sinkala

Among the high profile guests were leading Chinese business community, Indian Ambassadors Representatives, local and international business delegations among others were Dr Xiaomei Havard Executive President SA-China Famous Business Council.

The Executive Mayor Hon. CLLR. Mzi Khumalo presented a welcome speech and emphasized the need to accelerate dialogue corporation and integration of public private investment and funding. The Mayor explained that his office was open and ready to engage in business discussions as the region has a lot of potential opportunities in mining, agriculture, infrastructure, retail, and industrialization as we embrace the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Dr Xiaomei Havard took the Centre stage after she presented her professional speech as not only talking about business but exceeded the delegates expectations when she eloquently presented on how passionate she is in developing the lives of communities especially the previously disadvantaged black people, the youths that are not given an opportunity, she promised to establish a proven model to help the youths in the region as it has been done in her home province of Henan in China where 4 state universities invested in one common goal and produced a Science Park University with specialized all pillars of society like Agriculture, Finance, Education, Science and Engineering where the government investment into youths to produce leading entrepreneurs generating more than $400 billion annually in taxes. Dr Havard also emphasized the need to execute projects and that it should not only be a talk show but open opportunities for private partnership investment. She also talked about ATAF ( Africa Trade and Art Forum) where intra Africa trade and culture are combined to produce a business model. She also introduced Dr Faith Raduvha and Dr Charles Sinkala as her partners working side by side to engage any given opportunities. ATAF was launched in August last year in Johannesburg where Hon. Lindiwe Zulu read a speech on behalf of the National Treasurer General Mr Paul Mashatile. Dr Havard who is also very influential as a member of ANC since 2004 and candidate as Member of Parliament in this years May 8, 2019 elections, she offered hope to the Rand West community that not all is lost but we can build from where we are.

SADC Business Forum Chairperson Dr Charles Sinkala during his keynote speech reiterated the need of self reliance and interest to embrace the 4IR. He said we must aim high to create a society that can resolve social challenges by incorporating the fourth industrial revolution i.e (IoT, robot and the sharing economy) into every industry and social life. By doing so, the society of the Future will be the one in which new values and services are created continuously, making people’s lives more comfortable and sustainable. Dr Sinkala , who is also a Leader and President of one of the major People’s Convention Independence Party in Zambia, a Pan Africanist and Global Citizen, insisted that Africa must rise to be the drive in the development of the continent, he said South Africa must equally take advantage of Dr Xiaomei Havard business model as it has been proved to be sustainable in China and Silicon Valley, she also offered her building to be the birth of the Science Park Model. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zhongguancun

Prof. Ahmed Bawa who is the CEO of Universities South Africa https://www.usaf.ac.za/ wrapped up the conference in a more academic spectrum and high lighted challenges and possible solutions in higher education system to embrace the fourth industrial revolution.

A Great thanks to the Conference Convener Ms Nandi Madadasana, Ms Farana Kader CEO of Global Events and Marketing and the team who put up the audacious platform and all the delegates.

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