People’s Convention Independence Party (PCIP) is an all inclusive Political Party aimed at fostering developmental ideologies for Zambia. In addition to strengthening structures and policies that govern our country, we believe in being held accountable for all planned public services. We believe that every human being, is key to bettering our nation, be it at individual or organisational level. We further believe in recognition of past or current government efforts in undertaking developmental projects for the good of our country. Our aspiration as PCIP therefore is not to reinvent the wheel where unnecessary, but carrying the mantle where the former Governments left, the process we would liken to a relay race. We are not going to demonize the former or current Governments, but rather, develop policies that improve on shortcomings that previous governments have had, while carrying on with developmental projects for the good of our country. We believe former Governments implemented and continue to implement projects worth commending. Suffice it to say, we have also learnt of their failures. As PCIP, our focus is primarily on embracing a democratic dispensation , economic and social development as well as generally bring sanity to our nation. With PCIP, political, and economical transformation is through the Zambian people. God made all human beings in his own image, hence we are all the equal and able to make a change for our benefit and that of our future generation.

It is worth noting that poor governance systems in our Country through Government institutions have put our country at an enormous disadvantage. Electoral, Judicial, Auditor General, Anti Corruption etc guidelines are not effective. In addition, Political interference has continued to adversely affect our country. As PCIP, we would like to see sanity in these Government institutions governed by meritocracy in everything we do. We stand absolutely against corruption.

We stand to protect our sovereignty as a Country.

Zambians bemoan escalating poverty and inequality levels in our country. PCIP is here to avert these negative devices in our society.

PCIP women and youths are encouraged to participate in the Governance of Zambia. Therefore, we invite the young, professional, men and women to get involved in the development of our nation on the PCIP platform.

High levels of unemployment/sources of income are another drawback. As PCIP, we believe in driving projects that will bring about sources of income for all. This includes creation of employment through Agriculture, Industrialisation etc.

Let us all come together and correct and build our country Zambia.

Chama Chileshe Joseph.

National Secretary General. (0965641234)

Published by Dr Charles Sinkala

I will go to the World, and when I come back, I will Liberate my people.

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