What do you know about Global Climate Change

Global Climate Change

The debate over global climate change centers on a series of questions:

  • Is global warming real?
  • If global warming is real, is it caused mainly by human activity?
  • If global warming is real, how harmful is it likely to be?
  • If global warming is real, caused mainly by human activity, and likely to be very harmful, what can we do about it?

Read more about the most influential climate change scientists on both sides of the debate.

Environmental groups argue that global warming is very real, that it has been caused by human activity, and that we’ve already begun to see the consequences through higher sea levels, severe weather events, and growing food scarcity. This group argues that we have a moral obligation to adapt regulations, consumer practices, and lifestyle decisions to reverse these trends. These groups also argue that our current path could lead to yet more catastrophic weather events, ecological disasters, and resource shortages, all of which would negatively impact the prospects for human survival on Earth.

Skeptics argue that these dangers have been exaggerated and are not supported by scientific data. There are others in this demographic that take the position that while global warming may be occurring, there is no evidence to suggest these patterns are connected to human activity. This position also rejects a credible environmental need for regulatory limits on human activity — commercial, industrial, recreational, or otherwise.

This latter position means that the debate over global climate change is often inextricably connected to economic and political beliefs. Notable subtopics within this debate include the role of governments in regulating corporations, the political suppression of scientific findings, and the prevalence of international compacts such as the Paris Climate Agreements.

If you want to be an active part of resolving this debate, find out what you can do with a degree in chemistry.

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