Shocking Crimes against black Africans

Crimes against humanity committed by white man

Dear friends, I came to give you a briefing on the crimes against humanity perpetrated by the white man. History has shown that white man was the most violent, barbaric, most terrorist, most savage, sadistic, most racist, deadliest and most bloodthirsty man on the planet. In the eyes of some Europeans, especially French, black people pass for savages.

A serious study of history confirms these racist assertions. On the contrary, the barbarity of white seems to be present in almost all human history. The destruction of these millions of blacks, 400 to 600 million who are exterminated by the white man during slavery is proof. White people burned down black villages at night. The survivors were captured. White people removed non-profitable humans or unable to walk to the place of boarding (babies, elderly, disabled, pregnant women were killed), for example in gorée in Senegal between the sixteenth and nineteenth century, over 6 Millions died as a result of massacres, deprivation and various inhuman acts committed by the white man. During the deportation to the Americas, millions of deaths occurred. Too many and chained blacks cannot move on the ship. They had almost no water. They slept naked like animals and died in complete abandonment… they were crammed like sardines in boxes. So millions of blacks fell ill and died. White Europeans brought only death and desolation to the indigenous people of the Americas. American Pre-Columbian America had densely populated regions, including the Northern Andes, Mexico and Central America, where wonderful civilizations were created: the Aztecs, the toltecs, the Incas, the Mayans in particular. The European conquest has all hit them to death, the massacre of the native Americans is a perfect illustration. The White man has committed atrocious crimes against humanity. This picture is proof. You see a white colonialist who captures a young black woman probably to rape her. Next time, your servant alpha oumar will tell you about the atrocious crimes that the arab bloodthirsty monsters committed

on humanity in particular on the black people.

Published by Dr Charles Sinkala

I will go to the World, and when I come back, I will Liberate my people.

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