Chingola Secondary School produces a Presidential Candidate to run for the highest office in the land 2021 #Iaskyounowtojoinme

This portrait is on the wall of fame across the World, a beacon of hope of a Revolutionary Political Leader.

At administration main entrance after addressing the assembly in the school hall.

Slender, Tall dark if you like and handsome I am, my father and I knocked on the door, walked in a thick warm office after a deep thunderous but polite sharp voice said “come in please,” my mind was still digesting the meaning of a sign on the mukwa heavy wooden door which read “HEADMASTER”, I am sure we at the right place, I asked my mind. Before I could be lost in a day dream, a short well dressed man with a catching appearance said extend his right hand” welcome to Chingola Secondary School, my name is Mr Lungu and I am the Headmaster” and he offered my father and I a seat. “How can I be of assistance,” he said and the rest was history.

The life at Chingola Secondary School was not only educational but was in preparation of who, one day I shall become, most oftentimes, I get scared of how the puzzle pieces come together without my physical touch, but one thing I am certain of, is that, I worship an awesome God.

As quiet as I was, shy, I calculated every move I took and made sure I kept my faith on two things, staying away from high school beautiful girls and staying away from trouble though the latter had to find me at some point, but that’s a discussion for another lecture. A prefect, a perfect, a notes writter on the black board, a cadet, from grade 0, I always took any leadership opportunity which came on my way, oh yes! my handwriting was stunning, all credit due to my grade one and two Teacher at Chingola Primary School. I had lots of friends too, from any grades, but I think their friendship to me was to escape punishment, though I was a motivator and inspirational. I always believed in punishment, especially the one I could take half of a pair of shoes from pupils, oh yes! to me discipline is key, I have always believed in a society ruled by law. My young sister Brenda Nambela who was at same school was not exceptional, I remember very vividly one occasion I confiscated her left shoe and punished her for not attending inter-schools sports, because on this occasion, I had to go and attend rifle training at Kasompe Barracks as I was just promoted to a Sergeant by Lt. Moffet Malanji who was my instructor at a time and the elder brother to current Foreign Affaires Minister Joseph Malanji. When, I reached home, I had to voluntarily miss dinner not because I was not hungry but because I could not face my father, my informer, my young brother Kennedy Sinkala had already briefed me that I should expect the worst as my sister ended up with one shoe at home. Oh yes, my father used to beat, he could even beat you with his voice, one of the best father ever in the whole world.

In grade 12 With Sergio a grade 9 pupil at a time

My quiet but effective diplomacy gained me very high respect from teachers, management and fellow pupils though others did not understand me like Mr Muntali (senior), he was called senior because we had two teachers by that name, I think because my best friend Emmanuel Handiya and I used to treat our hair because his sister in law had a salon in Ghandi Road adjacent to the Hindu Tempo where they used to stay and moreover my status at school, at one time he called me to his office and warned me that I must not get “Bigheaded” as I was a pupil and not a teacher. The following week I charmed by then Deputy Headmistress Mrs Lupeta after realizing that I was a potential Senior Prefect, I appointed myself by making an official announcement in the general assembly in the midst of teachers, senior teachers who in shock supported my call- I was shocked because, this was not the procedure of promotion, but I got away with it. Apart from the Head Girl, I was the only one occupying an office at school as a senior prefect and eventually Elias Munshya and Edson Makwebo moved in next door, but now and then I could study with the former, but both of these were prefects too and clean pastors as we called them.

I took this photo- from Left Edson Makwebo, Dan Manda, Sharon and Judy Mushe, After a come together party, at this time I was organizing an intra-towns school networking in 1996, but only managed a trip to Chililabombwe Secondary School as my time at the high school was coming to an end.

A day of my promotion as Sergeant, I always wanted to be a soldier because I liked the discipline and largely, the many movies I enjoyed especially Rambo and Commando, part of my family too were in the army. My exist Rank was Lieutenant by December 1996 after Lt. Stanley Muluka 1995 Head Boy recommendations.

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created Equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness – (Thomas Jefferson 1776). These words are from the declaration of United States Independence in 1776 and express the sacredness which ties all citizens within the country. The art of leading others comes from the art of leading oneself. This well-known sentence underlines that each one is able to be a leader of his/her own life. However, we can wonder how is it possible for oneself to pursuit the three rights; Life, Freedom and Happiness, and even to catch them, knowing well that your Liberty can be limited by the liberty of others, that naturally human beings reach happiness by living with others and the life without the two previous rights, has only bitterness.

A day after my reminder as a pupil by Mr Muntali Senior and a week before my self promotion.

My hero, My father Mr Victus Wapachole Sinkala, MHSRIP 2012. My Father was a Head Of Nchanga Mine Ventilations Mine No. 74590, we used to reside at 55-10th Street Nchanga South, right across Nchanga Upper Trust School. I remember our house telephone No. 313507.

My Physics Teacher Mr Sapwe and my two BFF (some referred them to my body guards- but I was fine with that too) Dan Manda and Late Emmanuel Handiya- my controversy was evident from my dressing and look, I was the only one the whole entire school as a senior prefect who wore a ruby tie, relaxed hair, a Rolex datejust wrist watch and a black leather belt with a solid lion engraved bronze buckle-a symbol of strength and authority, none of these were acceptable at school.

It was only luck that, a School far, far away from civilization could ever produce so many intellectuals, Teachers, Accounts, Lawyers, Physicians, Engineers and many others including myself, a contender to the Presidential race, together we can be the architects of a better Zambia. Our indebtedness to Chingola High School, Chingola City, the Copperbelt and largely Zambia has to be kept alive as our allegiance to our national flag, to give back the knowledge and wisdom we acquired by helping in the development of our nation. The efforts done this far by ChiSSA is highly recommended. Let us upgrade our school to the highest international standards to set a precedent to others.

I promised to go to the World, and when I come back, I will Liberate my people. Success for me means when I manage to inspire people, when someone to the other end of the world embraces today a bit more because he/she looked at my blog.

– Dr Charles Sinkala-

I therefore say, Prof. PLO Lumumba was correct to say, you are not successful until your successor succeeds.

I prefer to die with my head high above, with in-distractible faith and profound belief in the destiny of my country, than to live in humility and renounce the principles which I consider sacred to me.

I ask you now to join me and support your local team


Published by Dr Charles Sinkala

I will go to the World, and when I come back, I will Liberate my people.

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