China’s Meritocratic Democracy



China’s rise from a productive slumber has attracted global attention in many ways, not short of political, social, economic and military power.

Behind its rise, off course which is very important, China’s evolution of political change has been ignored by many, In fact without much drama, China has established a system of Meritocracy or what can be described as “selection, dismissal plus elections”, competent leaders are selected based on performance and broad support at the same time exiting bad leadership, through a vigorous process of screening, opinion surveys, internal evaluation and

Various types of elections.

This is much in line with the tradition of Meritocratic Democracy. After all, China is the first Country in the world that invented examinations systems for civil servants called “KEJU SYSTEM”. Today China has adopted the system over the years as a culture but not always successful but, on the whole successfully, Meritocracy across the whole political system of governance. The whole aim is directed on the objective of poverty reduction, job creation, budget deficit, local economical growth, social development, self reliance, self esteem, financial independence, and mostly environmental protection are all criteria for selecting and promoting officials in government. A good example is the new China’s profiles of leaders elected at the last party congress, six of the seven new top leaders of the standing committee has run larger provinces or province level governments, most of them are equivalent to some nations combined in terms of population and GDP. It’s not unusual to claim that China’s Democratic culture is more about leadership than showmanship as in Africa and in the West. China’s Meritocratic Governance challenges the stereotypical dichotomy of democracy versus autocracy. From Chinese eagle’s eye, the nature of the state including its legitimacy, has to be defined by its substance, that is good governance and competent leaders and success in meeting the people’s needs and wants. The Chinese approach has delivered the undisputed world’s fastest growing economy and has vastly improved living standards of most Chinese. A democracy based on a thought of the least “Bad Option”, and the exit of bad leaders through regular elections. But in China’s traditions of Meritocracy China believes in the best of the best options by choosing leaders of the highest caliber, this is by no means easy, but efforts should not be stalled but flow continuously. China’s Political and institutional arrangements and innovation so far has produced a system which works independently and unstoppable, which has in many ways combined the best option of selecting well-tested leaders and the least bad option of ensuring the exit of-the leaders who should exit for all kinds of reasons.

Today, most Chinese investments has gone beyond their country’s airspace in search of idle opportunities. Mostly Africa has presented a market of herself in a desperate mode to get investments without proper due diligence to mitigate the risk factor. For this and many opportunities, it is actually unreal for the Chinese government not to scoop the cake.

Zambia is one of the nations who at one point had a similar roadmap but due to its weak foundations and absence of smooth power transition, the nation is fragmented.

A country like Zambia, it’s only revolutionary to focus beyond the presidential term of office if we are serious about a revolutionary change of mindset, goals must be set to achieve the future aspect on a long term basis.

Dr Kenneth Kaunda set a precedent of good Working spirit and a culture of morality and integrity, but all his work from 1946 to 1991 was all put to shame, set alight and into ashes at will initiated by Dr FTJ Chiluba and supported by the Zambian people. I remember very vividly as I was a young politician in early “90’s at time when the whole nation mocked KK and called him “Chifonkofonko” meaning- His forehead out and eyes curved inside like a baboon. He frantically responded to all Zambians that, “ my facial well being is a gift from God, but those who where mocking him they will be curved in the stomach, hungry without food” “ Muka Fonka Naimwe Pamala”. Zambians forget easily and do not miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity from God. Today KK will die with all his knowledge, Wisdom a master roadmap for Zambia most of it has not been utilized and appreciated, it’s only by luck that some of us had spent considerable time to squeeze some of the juice out of his un published achieves while spending time with him over the years.

China’s stance to tradition Meritocratic Democracy has allowed government officials to acquire unlimited appetite to build the nation, notwithstanding to say, their achievements has been in a period of not more than 30 years. Insofar, China has the biggest State owned enterprises which are not only productive but fully flagged and functional from textiles, construction, mining, automobile or anything you may think of in our dynasty of life. It’s not far fetched when they joke, with due respect to the Christian faith that ; Chinese can make anything you want including A Stronger “Jesus “ this time around. China has taken up geo politics Oppotunities and they are in every second country in the world.

Though some scholars have different views on China, others are not short of saying its communism another type of colonialism and that, especially Africa has to be very careful in dealing with them. Other nations like the USA has always been uncomfortable on the precedence and has always been thinking on how to stop bees from surrounding the honey.

Dr Charles Sinkala

PCIP President

Published by Dr Charles Sinkala

I will go to the World, and when I come back, I will Liberate my people.

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