9+1 Alliance Movement AKA 91AM- A Political Joke


This is in response to the question regarding the newly formed alliance in Zambia.

Dear Moderator Mr Ceaser Sindele (Democratic Governance Group (DGG)

My deepest apologies Sir, for not coming back to you on this issue as I was traveling to Washington DC for an urgent White House meeting on Africa Relations. One can only imagine how challenging it is especially when you have to switch 4 different flights. Gone are the days we would fly from Heathrow to JFK with Concord Business in under 3 hours, 8 hours less than what it takes now. I still hope, one day the Franch and the British will bounce back to claim a share from Boeing dominated airspace. Who knows! Zambia is planning something in commercial airline business.


What time is it? 91AM…… really? Sorry I don’t know I meant 9+1 Alliance Movement, Yes, a “Political Joke” it is, a phrase which has hit the bill boards and a few premature politicians have taken personal offense to an extent to mock my near blind vision disability, I don’t mind baseless politalkative, which I don’t really care about their efforts of leaning on their own political linguistic misinterpretation and misunderstanding. My only worry is them mocking a disabled person especially those seeking positions of influence to lead, one wonders how they can mock those who needs their help. I have always learned that, when someone attacks you academically, deal with them academically and when someone attacks you personally, deal with them personally, but oftentimes as I grow older and Wisdom kicks in, I find it rather a waste of my precious time to deal with the latter than the former which educates many. As a leader, I always learn new things everyday and when I do that, I teach others, only for the sake of the Silent Majority.

In Political Science more specifically when you deal with Psephology, one will come across this phrase more often than a country can host general elections in a period of 5 years.

A Political Joke, refers to, no direction, seeking attention, not serious or sometimes it’s often used to address Political Prostitutes as political jokers. But this is another lecture of some other time.

Our issue in question is the 9+1 Alliance and my subsequent classification as a Political Joke. Let’s face it, there is only two types of Alliances or Coalitions known to man-a come together of two or more political parties with the latter being practiced only after an election where political parties form Government of National Unity (GNU) and the former being practiced before an election or just during a time to influence-policy or legislation through parliament. But again, for the purpose of my argument, I will rather corner on an Alliance.

Therefore, one will learn that there are only two circumstances were political parties will form an alliance ;

1. Policy-Influence or legislation Alliance through parliament as explained above based on a majority vote. For example, when the ruling party wants to pass legislation and feel they do not have a enough representation, they may form an alliance with some opposition parties.

2. Office-Seeking Alliance, this is the most commonly attempted and used, if successfully used correctly, the evidence has overwhelmingly achieved greatest results. This is a more complicated one as it involves not only to rewire Leadership Mindset to have them on same level in reality but also the change of government, were two or more political parties form an Alliance with a view to share power once elected, also addressing the future on power sharing. Honerable Felix Mutati being the recent victim of being used in 2016 general elections and kicked out like a used dipper in 2018, who can forget NCC being used in 2003 to settle the ethnic wars with the bembas where Dr Nevers Mumba was kicked out after 12 months as VEEP by MMD, can’t we learn from that and do things properly. But as of 2017, the Political Party Act, requires legal compliance and registration like, within 21 days it has to be registered by the registra of society and three months before an election to be registered with ECZ commissioner, constitution and an MOU clearly defining the objectives, obligations etc. This is done to protect interests of partners more especially smaller parties. With the absence of adequate adherence to the constitution requirements it’s a complete total Political Joke and south bound. Besides the above, who will the alliance campaign for? The reason earlier cited by the 9+1 Alliance Movement (AKA 91AM) are unrealistically nonsensical and an insult to African Democracy, as in the first place, two political parties can not work together due to their differences in vision, policy, Manifesto, Party symbols, structures, ideological beliefs and many more which clearly supports the fact that it’s a political mess to register a political party and only to go and work with an existing one as one should have just joined an existing one before forming a new party. This is why there is a provision of a merge, the only thing here, a new political party in the name of a merge must be registered and the others deregistered.

My failure to ignite an Alliance 20 years ago in Zambia though I have achieved elsewhere in Africa has exposed me to answer a lot of dysfunctional elements, it’s for this reason, I don’t consider my failures but learn from them by acknowledging the time and money spent as School fees well spent, you can not make the same mistake twice. PCIP can only go into a Winning Alliance where all partners are recognized for either a Policy-Influence or an Office-Seeking Alliance with a roadmap nothing less or more. Not ati, it’s for National interest and “Cipantepante” without knowing where to score, one, therefore wouldn’t know if it’s an own go or not. The time of just joining bandwagons Politically impaired, is gone. Two only wars stands out now, a war on political transformation (Political Hygiene and Meritocratic Democracy) and a war to win 2021 General election in few months. I therefore, indicate that a war on political transformation, which is governance and management of our country it’s an on going war, hence the formation of different political parties to change things when elected in government. The current war the opposition must wage is to remove the failed PF government, form government and transformation will take effect at that time as no single individual autocrat regime will be recognized. A classic example of 91AM group would be financing one business with $100m without paper work or contract. One is more likely to be struck by lightning than seeing 91AM north faced.

I have done and collected some literature hypothesis from the PPA attached.

Published by Dr Charles Sinkala

I will go to the World, and when I come back, I will Liberate my people.

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