Excuses are the tools of the weak and incompetent,used to build monuments of nothingness.Those who excel in it seldom excel in anything else.

Make excuses or make changes the choice is yours.For there are only two options make progress or make excuses.

If it’s important to you,you will find a way but if it’s not you will find an excuse.

The ones who find happiness are those who don’t make excuses,if it’s broken they fix it,if it’s wrong they make it right.

A Man of execuses is already displaying failure.Excuses will always be there for you but not opportunity.

Success and excuses do not talk to each other.If you want excuses forget about success and if you want success stop giving excuses.

Forget about excuses learn to admit when you make mistakes.Dont make excuses and don’t talk about it.Just do

Excuses are lies we tell ourselves so that it doesn’t have to be our faulty.

Never make excuses always wake up with a smile knowing that today you are going to have fun accomplishing what others are too afraid to do.

If you are confused about why you are not where you want to be,you need to write down a list of your excuses and realise everything on that list is the reason WHY.

An excuse is a way of promising ourselves that we will have the same issue again

Stop making excuses and start looking for solutions.Theres always a way ,it may not be exactly how you picture it in your head but if you start you will get there.

No more excuses,no more I can’t,no more am too fat,no more am too tired,no more I can’t afford it,no more I don’t have time,no more I don’t have any motivation,no more I hate my body,no more I wish I had the will power.Get off your butt and get busy


Arise and chase your dreams


Published by Dr Charles Sinkala

I will go to the World, and when I come back, I will Liberate my people.

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