Political Prostitution In Zambia-Just Eat Their Money And Vote For PCIP President Dr Charles Sinkala 2021.

Press Statement For Immediate Release To All Media


If you can’t tell a lame duck from a rubber chicken you should not cast any vote to elect new leadership.

Your thoughts are valid for us to achieve a Meritocratic Democracy in our motherland and send a precedent to the rest of the continent and the world.

I strongly believe that, Political parties must be democratic internally before aiming to practice democracy in government.

The laws of Zambia after the transition from one party state had adopted legislation to regulate political parties to be aligned in the principles of democracy.

The problem is not enough of legislation but rather not enough of law enforcement as the spin doctors Antonio Mwanza and Kaiza Zulu and the likes of Sunday Chanda has paved way for State Capture. On registration of a political party, the State demands a Democratic Party Constitution from a political party which includes among other compliance commitments, local, provincial and national elective conferences tenure, frequency, this includes all but not limited to term of office of leadership.

It’s upto Political parties to decide when to have an elective conference to elect new leadership but oftentimes it has to correspond with 5 year term of office in government.

Most of political parties in Zambia out of 60 registered political parties with an exception of PCIP, for the reason that it is only 3 months old, but including the ruling Patriotic Front (if they are patriotic) are in contravention of the society Act in terms of compliance. If given an opportunity and latitude by the punisher of the law breakers can be deregistered by overnight, from cases ranging from submission of tax returns, inciting violence and hatred speech upto not having an elective conference. Lord only knows who will file political parties nominations in 2021 as part of Political Hygiene clean up, PCIP is already in consultation with law Agencies to bring up cases before the courts. Zambia has had enough of political drama queens, kings and disgruntled political prostitutes who are everyday deceiving our electorates to make uninformed decisions best on Meritocracy but best on the depths of their pockets of Political Prostitution who mean nothing more than a confusion of a diabolical war.

The silent majority, for the first time in our political history are using divine intervention in clamping down on Political Prostitution and PCIP has overwhelmingly received the mandate from God to de-campaign them in public light. I must warn that all those whose been in government especially at senior level are failed political projects and must not be trusted again for any political office as God gave them an opportunity to correct things at that particular moment which they voluntarily failed. The likes of Chimshimba Kambwili and Harry Kalaba who has continued to hold on undemocratically to their constituencies even when the former had been expelled due to indiscipline and the latter cowardice resignation due to due pressure of work. The electoral law is very clear that, should a member of parliament resigns, dies or expelled by the political party which nominated his seat in Parliament or candidature, in the case of resignation or expulsion both should have resigned on moral grounds of integrity so that the parliamentary seats should have been declared vacant and subsequently, a by-election to take up Centre stage to allow for continuity of social, economic and political development. But because of our caretaker government’s empirical failures to uphold the sovereign constitution, the duo managed to subvert the long arms of the law by registering their political parties while the other leg is in another political party, which is a violation of society Act, a total insult to the people of Zambia and legit opposition political parties.

Mr Hakainde Hichilema must do an honorable thing to call for an elective conference to clear the atmospheric political pressure within and outside UPND in an effort to show atleast a minimum respect to democracy.

Zambians should not be again be overwhelmed by the so called opposition political parties alliance as it lacks not only leadership but also objective vision to move the country out of autocratic caretaker government slumber to a more defined social economic and political development which shall give birth to a united economic and political independence. What Zambia needs at this current predicament is not only a new president of the Republic of Zambia but a Meritocratic decentralized government, which will set a bar higher on service delivery, economic growth, development and allow the silent majority to be full participants of a consultative inclusive government, over and above all, a government which will recognize her wealth mineral rich-belt and take control in self reliance and scrap off the mentality of being regarded as a poor nation. Citizens must be warned to protect our country from a switch from one tyrant to another. It is evident that the 9+1 Alliance means nothing than a dispossession of our caretaker government and thereafter they will have nothing to offer and will be back to square one again, they too must be denied the opportunity as Zambia now needs more than a regime change. PCIP has always believed in a well documented alliance with an Alliance Constitution and a Memorandum Of Understanding which will clearly, direct define objectives and targets in the absence of these, breeds Political surrogates and more political Prostitution. I was with a view that, a consultative caucus meeting of all opposition political parties should have been invited through their Secretariats of an intention in writing of a possible Alliance where a chairperson should have been nominated/voted and Alliance board members appointed of the 60 opposition political parties in Zambia to achieve one common objective by drafting an MOU and Alliance Constitution. This meeting should have been an exhaustive to give time to choose the best of the best through vigorous vetting debates on merit and follow up consultative meetings. My heavenly shock came not because PCIP called for opposition political parties pact on the launch of PCIP and was excluded or not being invited to the meeting but how quickly the decisions were rushed to, to choose 9+1 political parties out of 60 registered political parties in Zambia and called themselves “the major political parties in Zambia” I don’t know how the valuation and validation was arrived at if it was based on only “Political Prostitution” or Political Power-Lust or visionless competition, I am afraid I was not there, I can only speculate, but what I know for the fact is that they heading to doomsday and as a leader of PCIP with an agenda to introduce Meritocracy and Political Hygiene, morality and integrity while flagging and allowing exit of bad leaders I see no future in their political maturity. I say so, for the fact of not wishing them down south, but because of my experience in the 2001 attempt in Zambia and subsequently in Zimbabwe, Namibia, Nigeria, DRC, Central African Republic, Sudan, South Sudan and many other nations with a very thin line between success and failure, well I personally wish them all the best. In Swahili they say ” The forests has changed but the monkeys are the same” and that in this age, people still want to play a man instead of the ball.

PCIP does not rule out forming or bing part of a pact, at the correct moment, once an MOU and Alliance legal Constitution, through vetting and consultative processes based on merit, invitations will be sent to qualifying opposition political parties and that our doors are open well meaning individuals, organization or political parties but our doors are permanently closed to

Political Prostitution.

As I conclude, I need be ready for my trip for a post DRC Elections facts mission in Kinshasa, a government sponsored initiative by well meaning governments and international communities, a concerned citizen requested my view on the national Dialogue in Zambia. But before I can air my professional views it’s only prudent for many to understand what the devil this is. In less damaging terms, a Dialogue is to take part in a conversation or discussion to resolve a problem. Yes, we need to list our political problems so we know them in order for us to resolve, we need to find a tap to close from where these problems are being impregnated and by who the parties involved, bearing in mind the 3rd Law Of Conflict to identify and eliminate the third party. Once our comprehension is 99.7 percent then we can proceed to set a conducive location more neutral to all parties involved including “some” stakeholders. One option could be a state inquiry which the Chief Caretaker Government Civil Servant (CCGCS) AKN President Of Zambia can appoint a commission or if I was President, I will invite all opposition political parties in Zambia to Parliament a neutral place where the Executive will collect information Presided by the Speaker Of parliament and after exhaustive submission, another subsequent session to find solutions and resolve. My view has always been against involving non politician to resolve political differences or flaws in electoral process as first you must teach them political science and based on their understanding then they can maybe help, but why taking the long route. Problems in a house are solved by the head of the house, even though you might go to the neighbors, church or Counciler the problems still lies in the midst of your house, so leaving the problems where they are and going somewhere it’s rather stupid than professional, even animals in the wild, the Zebras, buffalos, impalas and all in the carnivorous food chain, they appoint their own to lead and solve their problems, at not stage have we seen a Buffalo, impala, Zebra or others to knock on the lions den to seek help from their clan problems. The onus is on the CCGCS to call all his children under his custodian in an attempt to find peace and harmony in a united Zambia so as all political parties will have a fair and just justice in our voluntary service to our inheritance mother zambia. Stop the nonsense of political prisoners and allow political democratic dispensation to take its course where loosing political parties will accept defeat. Our mandate is to remind government to account so as opposition political parties should be viewed as nation builders rather than criminals. This also serves as a notice of intent to submit recommendations as People’s Convention Independence Party to this office of the President to urgently address this pending issue as it has become an impediment to the growth of our democracy.

Published by Dr Charles Sinkala

I will go to the World, and when I come back, I will Liberate my people.

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